Shipping and return policies for Sonic Groove

Shipping Info
American customers: This from the German post! “The transport capacities to the United States of America are currently significantly reduced, due to the Covid-19 virus so that the dispatch of letters and parcels can only be maintained under special measures. Please note that from September 15, 2020, we will be shipping some products to the USA by sea until further notice. Very long delivery times of at least 25-30 days must be expected. For destinations in the western United States or in remote regions, the transit time can be significantly longer.”

For those in the USA who want their record faster. Fedex has no restrictions.
Please email us if you prefer this shipping method at Your parcel will arrive in less then a week.

FedEx prices:

1 record  for €18.00
2 records 20.00€
3-4 €25.00
4 - 8 €29.00

For everywhere else outside of America :

Vinyl /CD :

Shipping in Germany
1st 12" Vinyl = €6,50
Each additional 12” €1
1st 2 x12=€7
each additional 2x12=€2
CD €6 each additional CD is €1

Rest of the world (excluding USA)

1st 12" Vinyl = €8.50
Each additional 12” €3
1st 2 x12=€11.50
each additional 2x12=€8
CD €8.50 each additional CD is €3.00

***Please note due to poor Bandcamp default shipping settings we sometimes on the occasion with orders that have ordered more then one 2x12” will ask you by email for extra money to cover postal costs. For instance shipping inside the EU it usually costs €19.50 for two double albums as the records are consider 4 vinyls but in some countries like Croatia is actually 22 euro.

We have complained to Bandcamp several times now that the post office ships by weight and not by units ordered. They have no correct option for this and quite often with double albums we are either asking for a few Euros in shipping money or refunding extra money received to us.

All parcels are sent with Priority tracking via DHL/Germany but when an order has more then 5 units we may send by UPS or Fedex .

Please allow up to 5 business days to ship though we normally send out within 1-2 Business days

Return Policy
No refunds(with exception to Corona Virus postal issues). Sonic Groove is not liable to pay shipping charges for any items returned to us due to missed delivery at home and or non reclaim at your local post office.